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  Welcome to The Wine Connection > AMAZING VALUES > Cave Caloz Petite Arvine La Mourziere 2014

Cave Caloz Petite Arvine La Mourziere 2014

Cave Caloz Petite Arvine La Mourziere 2014

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While Petite Arvine can sometimes verge into the realm of the lavish, Sandrine’s remains firmly in the "laser-focus” category while still maintaining the raw-almond-and-dried-acacia-honey typicity of the variety. Its acid is ringing and true, it’s minerality prominent and regal, and its fruit restrained but aching to burst forth. It’s a wine of tension and lusciousness in equal parts, and those of you familiar with the greatest wines of the Savoie will feel right at home with this beautiful creation. It’s made entirely in stainless steel, from her beautifully tended vineyards (no chemicals are used chez Caloz), and fermented only with naturally occurring yeasts. Furthermore, it hails from “La Mourziere”—the oldest vineyard on record in the entire Valais.

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